Readymade Breakup

by Readymade Breakup

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"One of the best records of 2010. Period." - Jersey Beat

"One of the best rock records I've heard all year" - Powerpopaholic

"Easily one of the best albums of 2010" - Jim's brother


released December 20, 2010

written by readymade, played by readymade, recorded by steve evetts, mastered by alan douches



all rights reserved


Readymade Breakup Asbury Park, New Jersey

Gay Elvis
Spicy O'Neil
Paul Rosevear

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Track Name: Inside All Along
it comes on real slowly
and builds to the only
sound in my head
like an old familiar friend
who tempts with
the places i shouldn't go
and the pills i shouldn't swallow
but caving in is what i do best

start at the beginning
and i want it so badly
open up and let me have it
i'll be desperate til i'm gone
don't make me wait
don't prove me wrong
giving all my hope and anger
to the things that i thought mattered
don't let me find out after all
i've been inside all along

cried my eyes out like a baby
in the arms of a stranger
but it makes no difference
when nobody's listening
time has made me so fragile
tap my shoulder and i'll shatter
broken past is on the ground
spread the ashes all around

i would trade it all
i would give it all
Track Name: Just
tell me the truth
that's what she said
logic as sound as the voice in her head
and if there's such a thing
i ain't found it yet
the best i can do is just hazard a guess

honey it aint easy as just
cause honey its me i cant trust
ask me again if you must
but trust me when i say
you wont be getting much

tell me where youre at
simple as that
as if i was pointing it out on a map
and if you have to ask
dont you suppose
things aint as black or as white as before

just figure it out
you can't spend your life
hiding away in the shadow of doubt
yea and if you have to know
i'm not what i was
i cant get it back and it cant be undone
Track Name: Waiting for You
who were we kidding
when we thought we'd have an easy time?
as gravity pulls as apart
like planets changing tides
there is no cure there is no answer
there's no grand design
only a feeling bent and twisted
left unrecognized

we can survive this pain together
we'll die today to come back new
and somewhere in between
the emptiness and everything
i will be waiting for you

the tears are streaming down
like comets traveling the sky
out of nowhere
falling from your world straight into mine
and in this atmosphere
it's hard to catch your breath at night
there air is thin
the blood is thick
oh but we're alive tonight

don't give up
don't you leave me now
we didn't build the walls this high
to tear them down
we are above the clouds
we are beneath the ground
the space between
don't matter now
Track Name: Unzip My Face (I Miss You)
i guess we really don't do well apart
we got so close
it got so easy to feel far
that's not so easy on my heart
you really oughtta see me decompose
it used to be that i was better on my own
and now it's better i don't know

i don't mean the things i say
i mean i do
but not that way
its just that when you go
away away away away

i miss you

where do you go when you skip town?
i dig you up
then i put you in the ground
to keep from worryin around
where do i go when i'm not here?
unzip my face
and i swear i'll make it clear
and no i don't just disappear

you make me selfish
you turn me evil
til all i wanna do is steal you
from this bastard planet
and float up into the atmosphere
maybe we'll just evaporate
i think then
maybe then
i just might be happy
Track Name: Something to Believe In
love in pieces all around my door
when she appeared one reason
in a car with a couple more
saying come and we'll drive down
the carolina cost
and at 90 miles an hour
we will take it nice and slow

she said we all need
something to believe in

so we crash into the kind of morning
that plays tricks with you mind
its the residue
of the dream that you lived last night
and how you found some understanding
in a big brown pair of eyes
that just look so damn familiar
must have seen them once or twice

she said we all need
something to believe in
somewhere to lay our heads down
someplace to put the pieces
she said we all want
to find a better reason
something more than what we're seeing
something to believe in

but when you're there
when you're really there
it hits you so hard
straight to the heart
when you're high
when you're really high
feels like it won't end
til you come down again

and i hear the carolina weather
is nice this time of year
maybe if you get this letter
you can meet me there
Track Name: Bravest Smile
eight years old
didn't want to say goodbye
laid me down
told me everything's alright
see you in the mirror's eyes
each day more than the last
you're not alone

you wear the bravest smile
the bravest smile

held your hand
there was nothing else that i could do
i had no choice
but i'm living the day for you
see you in my nightmares
every dream more than the last
you're not alone

you wear the bravest smile
the bravest smile
you walked the longest mile
with the bravest smile

you're not alone
not alone
not alone
not alone
Track Name: Good Things
my head is filled with everything
and nothing all at once
empty as it is full
can't tell if i'm finished or i'm done
send your heart into traffic
make a wish and tell a lie
make it big and black and ugly
make it tiny make it white

and you could be the death of me
and i wouldn't have anything to say
about it
yea you might be the enemy
and i wouldn't have any other way
around it
cept sometimes good things get knocked down

i lose myself from time to time
got to loosen the belt
is it around my neck or my waist
god knows i can never tell
not a moment of peace to be found
hazardous all night
hangin around cause i feel like i should
don't know if i'm just stubborn
or i'm right

i reach out when i see it
i hold on when i feel it
i let go when i'm cheated
don't let me let go
Track Name: Not Through With You Yet
god you know i hate this stuff
inside out and all mixed up
can't believe in anything
it takes a lot of time to heal
takes a lot of falls to feel
i'm gettin tired of gettin up

but i'm not through with you yet
don't matter what i said
i'm not through with you yet

got pretty good at tellin lies
picking fights and twisting knives
seemed like one way to survive
and i'm no stranger to the ground
but i'm no good at staying down
i don't know how to let it die
Track Name: Erased
on an ordinary night
in an ordinary dream
she is calling out your name
you move your mouth
but you can't speak

you are staring at your hands
they are dancing slow and strange
tracing memories in the sky
in a technicolor haze

don't forget me
don't forget my face

in an unfamiliar place
you are suddenly afraid
lost and wandering on a path
toward some loved ones far away

don't forget me
don't forget my face
cause in the end we
we'll all be erased

tell me your name
so i can know you that way
show me your face
i don't believe in these games
draggin these chains
can drive a man insane